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Carers Page

Carers in New Zealand
The Carers New Zealand website provides information for New Zealanders who care for family members is part of a wider package of government support for informal carers throughout the country.
The website, includes health and disability information that carers need about such things as financial assistance, support services, and how to cope with medical and personal needs.
It also includes information on the Needs Assessment process around New Zealand.
To find the website go to

On the home page you can click and download the free carer infopacks that includes: a Guide for Carers; Family Care magazine; Time Out Guide; Take 1 Minute, Take 5 Planner; Emergency Care Planning Tools .....

Are you an older person caring for your partner, family member or friend?
Carers New Zealand has just published a 24 page booklet full of practical strategies to help you look after yourself, information on the help that is available to you, suggestions on emergencies and more. Click here to download a pdf copy. To request a hard copy email

Carers New Zealand and ACC have worked together to produce "Supporting People to Move at Home" a booklet tailored to carers and support workers to help them move and lift people they are caring for at home. Click here to view

Carers magazine
Carers New Zealand publish a very good consumer magazine for family carers, to help those who care at home for a sick, injured, frail or disabled family member.  The Magazine "Family Care NZ" is a published quarterly. For more information email or view the Carers New Zealand website.

We Care Campaign
Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance of more than 40 national not-for-profits are spearheading the We Care Campaign which aims to raise awareness of New Zealand's family, whanau, and aiga carers ... and to call for thoughtful decision-making so carers can get the help they have repeatedly asked for in government consultations.

Health and Social Care in the Community

This is a paper that explores the views of healthcare staff regarding the provision of culturally appropriate palliative care for Māroi, Pacific Island and Chinese elders living in Auckland. The ageing population is culturally and ethnically diverse and along with other developed countries experiencing high levels of migration, the challenge is balancing the rise in the number of older people with different ethnic and cultural groups with end-of-life care, which reflects personal values and beliefs.

To view the paper follow the link to Wiley Online Library

The characteristics and experiences of older New Zealand caregivers
Caregiving is an important societal role which supplements care provided through the health and social services systems. The latest policy report from the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement study looks at experiences of caregivers aged 55 - 79.

  • To view the report click here

Websites of Interest

Caring for Carers is a community funded group that supports those people who are caring or have provided unwaged care for a family member or friend with a long-term mental, intellectual or physical condition or disability. This support is provided through practical assistance, education and advocacy.  The website features a monthly newsletters containing carer education and support group information, coming events, poems, a summary of the talk by the last guest speaker and articles of interest for carers.

The Carers Australia website has an excellent and comprehensive variety of resources available online.
SeniorLine is part of the Auckland District Health Board Website.  It is an excellent resource for finding our more about all aspects of caring including Needs Assessment, Carer Support, Rest Home care and much more.  Although it is based in Auckland, most of the information is given on a national basis, in particular the contact for a Needs Assessor throughout New Zealand.  Well worth the look. has a very useful page on Caregiving Support and Help: tips for making family caregiving easier



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