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ACC Media Release

June 2010

We often think of our home as a safe haven. Unfortunately you are more likely to injure yourself in your home than anywhere else.

More than 570 New Zealanders die as a result of injuries in the home every year. That’s more than the number killed on our roads and nearly five times the number killed at work. A New Zealander is injured in the home every 48 seconds and the most common injury is slips, trips and falls.

Last year New Zealanders paid more than $640 million through the ACC scheme to treat, rehabilitate and support people injured in the home. The best way for us to bring down this massive cost is to focus on reducing the number of injuries New Zealanders have in the home in the first place.

In the North Shore alone there were 51,732 residents injured in their homes during the 2008-2009 financial year costing approximately $10.6 million. A majority of these injuries are preventable.

ACC and Neighbourhood Support North Shore are running the Safe@Home campaign to promote safety in North Shore homes and neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live. A number of Neighbourhood Support groups are set up across North Shore streets already. Neighbourhood Support and North Shore Police would like to see all North Shore streets set up their own support group.

The benefits of a Neighbourhood Support group in your street are improved neighbour communication, educating and empowering residents to take responsibility for their own safety, identifying neighbours needs and ways to assist each other in emergencies and minimising crime within the neighbourhood. There are currently 109 registered groups within North Shore City, all of which are entitled to enter the prize draws running over the next few months. You can check with the Neighbourhood Support office if your group is registered.

Neighbourhood Support North Shore delivers presentations to groups wishing to set up a Neighbourhood Support group in their street and provide assistance and guidance with this process. They will also be eligible to enter the prize draws Please contact the office on 477-5320.

Throughout the Safe@Home campaign running across North Shore over the next few months there will be a monthly online quiz with a number of safety related prizes to win if you are a registered group with Neighbourhood Support North Shore.

Check out each month to take the quiz and enter the prize draw.

Information on the campaign is available from Katrina van der Wende, ACC Injury Prevention Consultant (027) 712 3514 or (09) 913 8857.


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